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The Valley of the Almanzora forms an idyllic spot to practice sport, while discovering new corners and breathtaking panoramas. Enjoy the autochthonous natural beauty.

For years, work has been done to prepare the land and prepare it for visitors who wish to go hiking and other mountain sports.

From the area where our rural houses are located, there are 3 ways, a path and two healthy routes, adapted to the needs of the hiker, since they have different meters of distance and levels of difficulty.

For beginners, the most suitable trails, with a moderate intensity, are the two roads that start from the same High Reul.

  • The shortest path, is marked with several orange posts, which indicate the number of steps, the distance traveled, and the number of meters remaining.
  • The medium length road is marked with blue indicators, and like the previous one, it is also perfectly signposted. This path is themed with marble plates, which you will find every 150 steps approximately with the verses sculpted from the spiritual canticle of San Juan de la Cruz, it is an unforgettable experience for lovers.

Both paths have a circular route: They start right next to our farmhouse, and go around the whole slope of the mountain that embraces the small town, until returning again to the place of beginning.

The third path is a long-distance path, which starts from Laroya; and it goes up to the Stone of Juan Felipe, a spectacular natural viewpoint, in the highest part of the Valley, at more than 1500 meters of altitude. You can see the whole region from a bird’s eye view, and fascinate with the immensity of nature. In addition, in the distance you can see the monumental marble quarries of Macael.

Do not miss the opportunity to stroll through the impressive flora of the Sierra de los Filabres. If you want to know all the secrets that hide these lands with your own feet, choose the route that goes with you the most. Are you passionate about exercising in the natural environment? Enjoy the road.

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Laroya – Los Molinos

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Laroya – Reul Alto

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